Best Catchers Mitt 2017

There are many types of catchers mitts that a catcher can choose from which makes it hard to find the best catchers mitt.  Some players are brand loyal while others buy whichever mitt fits them the best at the time.  I will discuss my list of best mitts from what is currently out that each catcher should take a good look at when considering a new glove.

Mitt ImageCatcher mittSize (Inches)LeatherPriceRating (out of 5)Review?
Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5"Wilson A2000 Series (Pudge)32.5"Premium Steer Hide$$$4.9Yes
Rawlings Pro Preferred 34"Rawlings Pro Preferred (PROSCM41MO)34"Kipskin Leather$$$$4.8Yes
Rawlings Heart of the Hide 34"Rawlings Heart of the Hide (PROSCM41JB)34"Kip Leather$$$4.8Yes
Akadema APP240 ProSoft Series 33.5"Akadema ProSoft Series (APP240)33.5"Select Steerhide Leather$$4.8Yes
All-Star CM3000SBT 33.5"All-star (3000SBT)33.5"japanese Tanned Steer Hide$$$$4.7Yes
Mizuno Franchise Series Gxc93 33.5"Mizuno Franchise (GXC93)33.5"Leather$$4.6Yes
Rawlings Renegade 31.5"Rawlings Renegade Series (RCMYB)31.5"Optimum Tanned Full Grain Leather$4.4No
Wilson A2000 32.5"Wilson A2000 Series (BB1791ST)32.5"Pro Stock Leather$$$4.4Yes
Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Black 32.5"Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Black (FGPF14-BKCM1)32.5"Gaucho Leather$$$4.4Yes
Rawlings Player Preferred 32.5"Rawlings Player Preferred Series (RCMB)32.5"Full Grain Leather$4.1No
All-Star CM3200SBT 33.5"All-Star Pro-Series (3200SBT)33.5"Premium Tanned Cowhide$$3.9Yes
Mizuno Class Pro Soft 34"Mizuno Classic Pro Soft (Gxc27)34"Throwback Leather$$3.7No

#1 Wilson A2000 Pudge Catchers Mitt

Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5" - the best catchers mittThis mitt, to me, is one of the pinnacle in catcher mitt designs and takes the title of best catchers mitt.  It’s a very comfortable glove that lasts day in day out from all the abuse your glove can receive.

This premium steer hide leather glove comes in at 32.5″ and does not hit too hard on the wallet compared to other high end catchers mitts. But be warned that this glove does not come broken in or soft. It will be hard which will require you to take time and break it in. This can either be a pro or a con for you as on one hand, you get a glove that you can break in that will form into your hand, and on the other hand you can’t use it right when you purchase it.

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#2 Rawlings Pro Preferred (PROSCM41MO)

Rawlings Pro Preferred 34"If you find yourself needing a bigger glove than the others (such at 32.5″), then look no further than the Rawlings Pro Preferred.  This glove comes in with a size of 34″!  Makes it the biggest glove I have on the list, and also what is on the market.  This is an idea glove for catchers who have huge hands are one that is catching a knuckle ball pitcher as having a big glove helps a lot.

This glove is made from high quality Kip leather (you’ll have to break this glove in as it comes stiff) and also features 100 lb tensile strength laces to keep it durable.  It comes in a black color with mocha laces making it look fantastic!

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#2 Rawlings Heart of the Hide (PROSCM41JB)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 34"Another Rawlings glove makes it to the top of the list.  You may notice that I have the previous glove, this glove, and the next all at rank #2.  This is because they are all great gloves that bring different aspects to the table, that they perform so closely that you can’t go wrong selecting one of these.  The Heart of the Hide also follows its brother, the Pro Preferred, and comes in at the 34″ size.  This glove is made of leather provided from the Horween Leather Company, which has been providing leather to Rawlings since 1929!  This type of leather is found a lot in the major leagues as it is a favorite for professional players.

Even though this glove is big, the Pro Mesh pocket makes the glove 15% lighter over its competitors!  Making it great on your hand and arm for those long games.

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#2 Akadema ProSoft Series

Akadema APP240 Prosoft Series Catchers mittRounding out the three-way tie at number two is the Akadema ProSoft Series.  This glove is ranked high due to its cost and what it brings to the table.  There are always catchers who are new and do not want to spend a lot of money on a glove yet and need a cheaper alternative.  If that is you, this is the glove for you.

The Akadema ProSoft Series gloves has shock absorption to help against injury and sting from catching the pitches.  This is especially helpful for newer catchers who may not know everything about catching yet.  You will also find that Akadema has included something called ‘Double Flexhinge’ technology.  The Double Flexhinge is something in the glove that helps snap shut when the ball makes contact to the pocket of the glove.  This helps keeping hold of the ball and not letting it pop out.

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The mitt size, feel, and sound

I personally love the size of 32.5″ for a catchers mitt.  I believe it is a great size for anyone to catch with.  You don’t want a big mitt unless you’re catching a knuckleball pitcher.  If by chance you DO catch a knuckleball pitcher, then I would suggest going for a bigger glove such as the Rawlings Heart of the Hide which comes in at 34″.

The leather of the Wilson A2000 is just superb.  I haven’t felt a mitt that feels so high quality and well put together.  This catchers mitt has lasted through a lot of hardships and has still kept itself together as if I had just bought it yesterday.

The sound the mitt gives off is great.  You can tell when you catch the ball in your pocket and when you don’t.  My pitchers loved throwing to this mitt as the loud sounds pumped them up more and made them give it their all on all their pitches.  It may not sound like a big feature to some of you, but anything a catcher can do to help the pitcher keep his attitude up is very big in my book.

Here you will find videos of certains gloves found in the rankings

Wilson A2000 Pudge Catchers Mitt

In the video, it does show a different color glove, but be rest assured it is a Wilson A2000 he is talking about.

All-Star Pro CM3100sbt Baseball Catchers Mitt

Rawlings Heart of the Hide ROSCM41JB Catchers Mitt