Buying a Catchers Mitt

When choosing a new catchers mitt, it can be confusing with all the choices you have.  My objective today it to lessen the burden and help you make a decision you will be happy with for years using your brand new catchers mitt.  I have taken the top catchers mitts and compared them against each other for you can see the statistical facts about each glove.

catchers mitt sizing

A catchers mitt sizing is different from other positions as when you measure a catchers mitt, you measure around the circumference of the mitt.  On a regular glove, you would measure from the top of the index finger to the heel of the glove.

The sizes of the mitt vary about five inches from youth to adults.  The table below will show the sizing chart for.

Under 729.5"-30"
Over 1432"-34.5"

Elements you want on your mitt

This is where your buying gets a little confusing so I will try to help you out. There are features in a catchers mitt you may or may not want. First off we have if you want your mitt to come to you softened up already or if you would like to do it yourself. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide comes to you about 75% worked in already so that will save you time. Some people prefer this as they do not want to waste time breaking in the catchers mitt. But the other side of the coin is that if you get a mitt not worn in at all, the glove will form to your hand while it breaks in giving you that great feeling of it forming around your hand.  If you need help on how to soften your mitt up, visit our page on how to break in your catchers mitt.

Catchers mitt with open back

Catchers mitt with open back

Another element is the back of the glove, where your wrist would be when you put the glove on. This area can be open or closed. If you look at the three mitts listed above, they are all open backs. You would be able to see the catchers hand when he has it on. If you do not like that feature, you can opt for a mitt that has a closed back on it. Remember that even a closed back mitt will have an oval shaped opening for your index finger to come out if you wish it to.

Finally, we will discuss the size of the catchers mitt. This is purely dependent on the catchers preference. I myself have the Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5” and love the heck out of it! This is my second Wilson catchers mitt as they just seem to fit my hand perfectly. Personally, I did not worry too much on the size of the mitt when I was making my selection. I went with which ever mitt felt right on my hand. When you put on a glove, you know if it is the glove or not. My advice on the size of the glove, do not worry too much about it. You can always try on a catchers mitt before ordering it online and see if you will enjoy the length. I say ordering online as you can always find it cheaper online. Use your saving towards upgrading your other catcher gear!